We want you to receive the highest quality care that we can deliver. To do that we utilize a well-trained family physician (University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine) and nurse (RN, BSN) with years of clinical experience in a variety of practice settings.


We want to give you the best bang for your healthcare dollar that we can. To offer you unsurpassed value we offer a membership arrangement which allows you as many visits as you need at no additional cost. In addition, most labs and in-office tests are free. Plus, we arrange steeply discounted prices for our members at local and regional diagnostic centers.


We want you to understand as much about your healthcare as possible. We set aside enough time at your visits to help you obtain the information you need and for us to look up the information we may need regarding your situation.


We want you to know that we care about you and your health. You are not a number at The Doc Shoppe. We limit our membership to 600-700 patients per provider so that we can know you and your needs in detail.


We value your time. Average wait times in our lobby are under 5 minutes! We offer same or next day appointments. Our members have access to their doctor after-hours by means of phone, text, or email.