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We realize that not everyone is convinced that a Standard Doc Shoppe membership is the best value for them. For that reason we offer a Trial Membership. This page explains our Trial Membership policies. Remember that The Doc Shoppe does not submit claims to any insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid.


Membership Fees

For your first visit to The Doc Shoppe we typically set aside 45 minutes for you to spend with the doctor. What makes the Trial Membership unique is that the $170 charge for your (individual) visit also includes any other office visits that you may need during the rest of that month and the following month as well. 


Payment is due at the time of service. We do not mail bills or submit invoices to be paid later for our services. We can provide you with a receipt that includes the visit and procedure codes. Payment in the form of cash or check is acceptable.


Registration Fees

There are no registration fees for our patients who choose to use a Trial Membership to pay for the healthcare services that they receive at The Doc Shoppe. If you wish to change to a Standard individual or family membership plan, a $50 registration fee will be charged, unless the change occurs during the Trial Membership period, in which case the fee will be waived.  

Lab Fees

Each of our lab tests typically costs somewhere between $20-$50 depending on which ones are ordered. Please see our price list for details.