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The Problem

Because The Doc Shoppe is a small business itself, we understand firsthand the critical nature that financial expenditures have on the viability of your company. You spend a great deal of your resources on hiring and maintaining quality employees to assist you in producing the product or providing the service in which your company specializes. Although they are a major component of your expense sheet, your workers are also your greatest assets. You want the best production possible from these treasured people to accomplish the mission of your organization. And you need their productivity at a cost that meets both their individual financial needs and your company’s bottom line.

Unfortunately, the healthcare landscape in our region is becoming more complex, regulated and expensive. Intricate government mandates are requiring more of your time and dollars to verify that you are meeting health insurance guidelines for employers. Insurance premiums continue to escalate causing both employers and employees to choose health insurance plans with higher deductibles to reign in their insurance premium expenditures. It’s enough to make you want to close shop for good.

The Help

But wait! Despite the tumultuous and complicated healthcare market place, The Doc Shoppe has designed a simple program to help you help your employees help you. And we offer it to companies at 16% off of our regular low pricing.

We have designed a straightforward membership plan for you, your employees’ and their families' primary healthcare needs. For $50 per month any one of your employees can have as many visits as medically necessary to The Doc Shoppe each year. This fee covers almost every imaginable primary healthcare cost at our facility including yearly health maintenance check ups, CDL physicals, sick visits, flu shots, in-office testing, all common lab tests and certain procedures. (See a list of some of the labs included in our membership plan.) The cost is only $100 per month for couples and $150 per month for families of any size. There is a one-time $50 registration fee per company (not per employee).

And how does this help you and your employees?

The Details

For a very low cost, our membership plan provides you and your employees the ability to access our healthcare team without having to worry about co-pays, deductibles and visit limits. Many health problems and medication refills can be managed with a simple phone call or virtual visit thereby eliminating time off work for an unnecessary office visit. The response to the “Why didn’t you go to the doctor sooner?” question has no financial barriers with our model.

The Combination

In addition, we expect that your employees, who may have elected high deductible (catastrophic) type health insurance plans, will be very pleased with their choice when it is combined with our membership plan. The Doc Shoppe can provide day-to-day services while a high deductible insurance plan (HDIP) can help limit the enormous expenses of a major event. High deductible health insurance plans usually have 20-50% lower premiums than low-deductible (“co-pay”) type plans. When these “HDIP” plans are combined with a Doc Shoppe membership, we expect that employees will receive high quality primary care services in addition to their catastrophic health insurance at a significantly lower monthly out-of-pocket cost than with a typical high cost premium plan.

On the other hand, your company may have the prerequisite financial resources and a third party administrator willing to pursue a self-funded health plan. Combined with Doc Shoppe employee memberships, a self-funded plan will probably be the most cost-effective healthcare solution available to your business.

The Process

Most companies who utilize The Doc Shoppe subsidize or completely fund Doc Shoppe memberships for their employees. As part of a comprehensive employee benefit package, a Doc Shoppe membership will provide primary and preventative healthcare services while a low premium health insurance plan will cover catastrophic events. Alternatively, our low monthly membership fee could be set up as a payroll deduction with an automatic withdrawal from your employees' paychecks to provide zero cost to your business (other than the one-time $50 registration fee).

The Value

That’s what we consider a value-added employer benefit. Improved healthcare with less time off work should lead to enhanced productivity at less expense to you, your employees and your business. Let us help you protect the most important and valuable component of your business… your workers.

If you have any more questions about how our membership plan might benefit your company, please reach out to us at 606-620-9770 or e-mail us at We have enrollment packets available which include both enrollment cards for your participants as well as a straightforward invoice for your HR department.